Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cypress Swamps = Cooler Temps

The Ducks above know which way home is and so do we. We will be heading out tomorrow morning and rolling toward home. We have learned a few things on this trip that will make our traveling experience a lot better next time. (1) Don't try to travel too far too fast. Spend more time in one place and you can enjoy the area more and not get so tired. (2) Pick a central location in the area you wish to visit and stay put. Saves miles and Fuel and Money. (3) Travel in spring or fall, not in the heat of summer! It will be much easier on our bodies! (4) Listen to the Navigator, she will generally get me where I need to go. By the time we return to our stick house we will have travelled over 1500 miles, and that is pretty far for a couple of country hicks with a big truck and a Rolling Condo. I will post some more pics when we get home and they get sorted out.

This deer was getting tired of us following him.

The House pic above is gonna be my new home, when my boat comes in or I win the lottery somewhere. I am thinking it will cost a few million if I want the boat threw in with the house.

Finally, the heat wave has broke for a least a day. Here at the Sam Houston Jones State Park in La. the rain came yesterday evening after we got set up and the temps dropped 30 degrees in an hour or so. Everything here is very green with the water nearby and I suppose they are getting some rain on a regular basis. I am trying to upload some pics that Peggy took this morning on our walk about. By the time she stalked the deer trying for the perfect photo it had started getting warm. By the time we got back to the Condo, we had worked up a sweat. Peggy kept an eye out for Water Moccasins and Alligator and I was busy looking for the best photo spots. This park winds around the cypress swamp ponds on one side and the Calcasieu Bayou on the other side of the park. Nice roads, walkways and campsites are here. We will mark it for a return visit in the spring when the birds migrate back from warm climates. There should be plenty of action then. I did spot a bird wading and feeding in the water that I do not recognize so when we get home I have to get my bird book and try to identify the species. Peggy took a real pretty shot of a Butterfly in the edge of the pond and it turned out really well. Until the next adventure, everyone take care.....Charlie

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