Monday, June 29, 2009

Sam Houston Jones State Park

We have hitched up the Rolling Condo and headed out of Poche's Fish n Camp this morning. First we had to make a stop at Poche's Meat Market for some frozen goodies to take home. Peggy got a quart of Shrimp Etoufee, I got Seafood Gumbo and some Sausage and some Tasso. Tasso is a smoked pork of some kind and I have a recipe or two at home that calls for Tasso but you cant buy it in East Tx that I know of so we got some and packed the little freezer in the Condo with it and finally made it out of town after I listened to the GPS lady who was giving me the best directions out of town but not to Poche's Market, so she and I disagreed but finally worked it out. We headed West on I-10 and traveled about 80 miles then took a right on US Hwy 171 North just on the outskirts of Lake Charles Louisiana. We traveled just a short way to the city of Moss Bluff La. It is a nice little town and we did not eat breakfast so we were hungry and passing Popeyes Chicken, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and a dozen other fast food places. We were very close to the park so we decided to go on and set up the camp then return for lunch. Of course I was feeling pretty good about getting started this A.M. with no problems at all, so of course something went haywire. We registered at park HQ and the young lady took her marker and marked the way to our campsite, we followed those closely and ended up at some cabins with no room to turn the Condo around. The signage lacks a little to be desired here and is not clearly marked so we had to back up for about three hundred yards in a curve to turn around. A nice employee of the park system assisted and we made it fine back to the main road. Then another employee tried to direct me to the our designated spot but he was trying to tell me how to get into it. The site has space for two campers but the space is shared by two campers. If we pulled in from the direction we were going, we would be blocked from leaving if anyone rents the site sharing the drive. If we came the other direction we would not be able to turn the Condo to get out. So we are here and everything hooked up and if someone comes in to the shared spot, I will have to move my truck and sat. Dish because it is on their picnic table. This is a beautiful park with lots of Cypress Wetland areas and walking bridges over them. We will explore them tomorrow. Maybe we can get some good pics of the place. We have already seen deer, ducks, geese and squirrel. This park has a lot of big pines and oak for shade so we will be cooler. It is already cooler since a storm came thru and rained for about 20 minutes. There is north wind so maybe some cooler temps are coming tonight. The weather says maybe in the 60's in the morning. That will be so welcome after the 100 degree days we have had the whole trip. That's all for tonight time for some supper.


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