Friday, June 19, 2009

Roll Out Tomorrow

While Peggy is working today and making mental list of stuff yet to do, I am shuttling stuff out to the the rolling condo and also making mental list of things not to forget. My coworker Malina and her husband Allen came down and did the install of the new locks on the cargo doors. Allen said it would only take a few minutes, but it took longer than that. If I had been on my own I can see where a lot of cussin and bangin would have happened. Allen knew where all the little parts went and in what order so it went pretty quick. I assisted of course doin what I do best, which is holding something, handing something, (swamping). You always have to have a swamper to do anything with tools. I bought Peggy a new road atlas that she wanted. The one that show all the low bridges in America..Now she can worry about making sure we are not driving toward a bridge that is too low for us to go under. The GPS is charged and ready and we should be able to stagger around and find where we are goin, one way or the other! This evening before dark, I will get out and do the air check on all tires and add when needed. When Peggy gets off, we will load the clothes and she will place everything in the kitchen where she wants it (I could have done that,,but she would not have been able to find most of it. Her idea of putting things away seems to be different than mine! One of those Men are from Mars things I guess. We should be camped near Wright-Patmen lake near Texarkana tomorrow nite.

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