Tuesday, June 16, 2009

pic and grin

Oh here is the lucky couple, having just been captured by kpoppa and nonna with Keith's ever present camera. The only trouble is that the camera takes to much detail. Hmmm wonder if I can get my daughter to photoshop it and make it a little fuzzy around the edges and make me look 20 years younger! I cant tell you what Donna said to get this smothered laugh out of Peggy. But I swear it wasn't me, I didn't feel it!!!! I will post a pic of the Rolling Condo on my next post before we blast off on vacation. Packing and stowing for trips is so much fun. Of course I haven't looked in on the house battery compartment for awhile or examined the hydraulic oil etc... but in East Tx you really have to check because as Peggy showed me its time for Red Wasp season here and a few of the rascals had taken up a nest just inside the door. She banished them with a broom and threw the nest away from the house, but one or two wanted to come back and start over. They better not make her mad, or she will get the wasp spray after them and fog the whole place! Fate has been trying to derail our vacation with prosecutors calling and telling me that a trial is set for the two weeks I am gonna be out. Me not checking my "on call " status for the week and scheduling my vacation right in the middle of my two week stint! I have no excuse but being half blind I guess. Peggy missed it also and we were examining the schedule at the same time! I begged a co-worker to take my days and I will take his in the dog days of August so I am covered with work. The prosecutor does not believe I will have to testify and he may get a plea, so maybe it will work out. Yeah me,,,gotta make that road trip!

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