Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hard Days Driving

Tonight, we have a guest blogger, the better half of The Rolling Condo (usually known as Navigator) will be blogging for me as I am tuckered plumb out! She did her first driving and towing a big fiver today and did very well. She can fill everyone in on todays events and where we are now.

Well, we got packed up this morning about 9:oo am and started toward W. Memphis. Charlie told me to put the address of Tom Sawyer RV Park in the GPS and get some directions. Well I did, but I don't know that much about stuff like that so I told him how many miles the thing said it was to the Tom Sawyer Park which was 122 miles. Duh!!! We drove and drove and finally Charlie said he was tired and wanted me to drive. We were on the interstate and it was flat and it didn't look like it would be that bad. I did pretty good till Charlie got the bright idea to stop at the Cracker Barrell to eat lunch. He assured me that there would be parking for RV's so I wasn't too concerned. I'll be darned if there was only about 5 spots big enough to park and they were full of boats. I had to get out of that parking lot without hittin something or someone so Charlie just said to move over and let him drive. Thank goodness!! There was a large parking lot at a truck stop across the road so here we went. Charlie managed to go all the way to the back through all the potholes and gravel and finally parked. It was hotter than hades, but we got out and walked all the way to Cracker Barrell. We both forgot that it was Sunday afternoon and Father's Day too. The place was packed inside and out. We decided to wait cause they said it would be only about 20 minutes. We sat outside in the big rocking chairs for awhile till Charlie gave me the sign that he was ready to go. So here we went back across the highway, dodging cars. We got some chicken strips and sodas at the truck stop and left. I thought it was kinda weird to go out the back door, but Charlie said it would be quicker. So much for quicker, we had to walk through weeds and sand and rocks to finally get back to the truck. By that time, we were both sweating like pigs and more tired.

We saw a sign that said 168 miles to Memphis. Gee whiz, I thought it was only 122 miles and we had already gone about 80 miles. So much for being the navigator. I re-entered the address and OMG, the sign was right. Charlie didn't say too much except that he wouldn't do this again. Bless his heart, he was so tired. I finally asked him if he wanted me to drive and he stopped on a dime and got out, so I drove the rest of the way. We finally got here about 4:30 this evening. We have the perfect spot on the river and Charlie can watch the boats and barges go by. He is in hog heaven.

After we got all set up and were watching the barges go by, Charlie got the bright idea to put the new lights on the awning that he had bought. They are the cutest little lights that are shaped like little campers. I put them up and Charlie was like a kid with a new toy. After I put the lights up, I grilled some steaks to go with the baked potatoes and we ate supper. Charlie was so sweet, he cleaned the dishes while I took a shower. (I probably wasn't supposed to tell that.)

I think that pretty much sums up what our day has been like. I learned how to operate a GPS and pull the condo so it wasn't so bad after all.

That's all for today.


  1. Hang in there, Peggy... you'll get as good as Charlie. lolo
    You need to give a name to your GPS.