Thursday, June 25, 2009

Catching Up

We have been WiFi less for two days! so I am gonna have to back track a bit. We took some pics while we were at Tom Sawyer RV Park in W. Memphis Arkansas but did not have the correct chord for the camera to download them. Well today we stopped at a Wal-Mart and bought a usb type reader that can download the pics from the camera chip! What a neat deal. So we finally were able to download the full chip from the camera and I will try to add some to this blog.

On June 23, we hooked up and started south toward Arkansas and found an Arkansas State Park site at a little place called Lake Village, which is south of Greenville , Mississippi. I have never seen so many Pecan trees in my life. After driving for most of the way in farm land, on both sides of the road, we started seeing those Pecan Orchards left and right. In fact the state park, at Lake Chicot is part of an old orchard, so there was plenty of shade and we were real glad to see it. After viewing the pull through site with very little shade, we changed sites and ended up with big Oaks and Pecans all around us which really made keeping the Condo cooler much easier. Make note of my excellent Satellite set up. Highly designed by yours truly. If folks think there are not any farmers left in the USA, they are wrong. We saw a good bit of one hundred miles with nothing but farm land and crops planted on both sides of the highway, sometimes as far as we could see. We took the self guided tour near the state park on the levee looking for wildlife but say nothing but cattle trying to stay cool. We only drove a few miles on the levee out of the 22 mile long self guided tour as the park brochure said. We did find an interesting place to eat at Rhodas Famous Tamales and Pies. The Tamales were good but that Pecan pie was great. I had read a park review in the area on the web and someone mentioned this place that looked awful on the outside but had great food, and we stumbled on it on St.Marys street in Lake Village Arkansas just driving around. The place is in a portable building and has been there a long time, but the inside was neat and clean and Ms. Rhoda let Peggy take her picture with a pie. We were discussing whether to get the food to go or to eat in and Ms. Rhoda said she didn't care "as long as she got her money"!!! we stayed and had a good meal. The middle pic was taken at Tom Sawyer as a barge and tow boat came by the Rolling Condo!! That's all for tonight, I will rest up and try to add some more tomorrow to catch us up. We are now at Vidalia Lousisiana at River View RV park setting right next to the Mississippi River again, just across the river from Natchez Mississippi. Sometimes I don't know which state I am in but will post more tomorrow. I know everyone is gonna want to know about the big buck deer in the back of a pickup truck!!


  1. Finally! I wa!s wondering what was happening. In the future, when you don't have an internet just write everything while you're thinking of it and save it to Word. You can always cut and paste it on your blog later. That way you don't have to think so hard to remember where the hell you've been! :) "Cut your head in!"