Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gumbo and Garden Produce

Sorry that I haven't posted and have been chastised for not doing so. I have been trying to learn the new software I downloaded from Trailer Life,,,damn I had no idea that there were so many RV Parks, but there are gazillions. I have had a bit of trouble learning how the software works, but I have managed to plot our vacation with possible Parks to camp in on the way. I put a preferred campsite and a back up or two in the trip planner. It is really handy and we will have the laptop in the truck with us so that the Chief Navigator can fire it up should I need driving instructions. You do have to spell the nearby towns correctly in order for the software to work well. You can also put in zip codes or street addresses. I especially like the limit you can put on how many miles from any town or location. It can even figure out when you need a break and how long to take one, but I probably wont be using that function. I am at the age that when I need to stop, I stop. Funny how as you get a little older that the kidneys just don't hold up like they used to! I have never been one of those guys that won't stop for anything and just tell the kids and women to hold it! Now that I have passed the half century mark, I find that after an hour or so my butt goes to sleep, then my back starts aching and its time to stop and stretch. We are not gonna be in a hurry and will stop when the notion strikes or when we are tired. We used to really like stopping at roadside stands and attractions, the odd yard sale or even just a cool looking county square. Pulling a Rolling Condo may not be conducive to just whipping off on the shoulder to do this. Keith and Donna of green2gorv gave us lessons last weekend on using a test meter for the electricity hookups. We even scored some of Donna's garden bounty with onions and new potatoes . Sunday. Peggy made a great Chicken and Sausage Gumbo and the new potatoes were cooked on Monday with a pan of cornbread, and it was really fit to eat! We will keep planning and sorting what needs to be loaded so that on drive out day on the 21st, we will be ready to roll.

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