Friday, June 26, 2009

Deer In Truck

Yesterday, I told that I would tell you all about the buck deer in the back of the pickup. That really is not all that unusual in E. Tx but the deer are usually dead! As we motored toward Vidalia, Louisiana, Peggy dropped off to sleep. I had been dodging tractors all the way from Lake Village Arkansas as this is all Delta bottom lands and farm country. I nearly hit one the day before as I ran up on it to fast before I figured out it was a farm tractor. Big John Deere with dual wheels on rear stuck out over the whole lane of traffic and part way across the center stripe. I managed to miss him and got back up to speed only to run up on a pick up truck pulling a hopper of some sort that was wider than the truck. He was moving about 30 mph so I had to shut it down. I followed him for a few miles really slow until the hwy widened out and I could go around. While all this was happening I saw a pick up driving down the shoulder of the road going pretty slow. As I got close to him I could see a whitetail deer in the back of the truck. It was a buck with a big antler spread. As I started to pass I looked over and saw that it was a mounted deer with some woodland theme around it. The driver was driving slowly to keep from blowing the foilage off of the mount. This was the first time I have ever seen a whole deer mounted! We made it in to River View RV Park and got set up and had to make a Wal-Mart run. We got a camera chip and some needed shorts for Peggy and returned to a cooler condo. This is a very nice park just down from the Mississippi River bridge. I am posting a pic of Peggy and Elvis that we took in Memphis. I am also posting a pic of my first time ever trip to an RV/Truck wash, and another of the party lites we put on the awning. The hummingbirds keep trying to come get a drink from them in the daytime. Today we have spent time site seeing in the Natchez Mississippi area. Checking out the old plantation houses and actually taking a tour of one called Longwood that is 30,000 square feet and four stories but unfinished when the landowner died. The wife and kids lived in the basement which is only 10k sq foot. I dont know how they managed. Gonna role out tomorrow, but not sure where. I guess thats what makes this fun. We decide at breakfast maybe where we are off to next! Until next time.

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