Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weddings at Wal-Mart are Special

Here it is Sunday and we are still at Poche's Fish n Camp. We drove into town to make a visit to the local Wal-Mart and as we were checking out we see a Wedding party enter the store, complete with bride and groom fresh from the wedding along with the best men and brides maids all in their wedding clothes! You dont see that everyday. Peggy watched them and reported as were were leaving that they were carrying beer cases! That would be redneck if we were in East Tx but here in Breaux Bridge La. I dont know what you would call it. However they were all in a stretch Chev Escalade Limo and it was parked at the front door with the driver (a women in uniform and cap) standing by! The Bridal party all looked happy so I guess thats what counted on their special day. We tried to fish a little while today, but it is just to hot to really stay with it and the little fish were in bunches (people feed them fish pellets here so they are waiting at all times) by the bank. The other thing we have never seen anywhere is when we stopped at Poches's Meat Market/ Resturant, it was full both outside and inside. People were getting take out and the inside part was full of set down folks after church. We saw people carrying paper sacks of food out and I wondered by the counter with the lunch items and tried to order take out but the girl told me that I would need to go to the kitchen at the other end of the building. We went down that way and asked another girl and she pointed thru the door toward the kitchen, so I went on in a hallway that leads to the kitchen and found a line of people. I watched as they ordered from one of the cooks, who dished it up in take out boxes. The customer received the grocery sack with the contents written in magic marker on the outside and then the customer takes the bag to the counter up front and pays for it. We stepped up when it was our turn and gave the cook our order. Peggy had the Crawfish Etoufee with Catfish and Shrimp and I had the Smoked Chicken and Dirty Rice. Both plates also contained Potato Salad and Cold Slaw if you want it. It was a good two or three pounds of food each! The cook sacked it up and we left and brought it back to the Condo to eat. Heck of a Deal! The plates cost ten bucks each but you dont go away hungry. We have enough to eat for supper. Both Peggy and I say the Crawfish Etoufee is the Best we ever had. The catfish and shrimp are also very good. This market makes a lot of specialty orders for the public and also ships food all over the country. Some things I cant even pronounce but its all Cajun food. We are gonna go back before we leave and pick up some frozen items to bring home. The place does a land office business in this area. Peggy downloaded some more pics from the camera that we took in Natchez and I will up load some to the blog. We are hooking up in the morning to go find the Sam Houston Jones State Park which is near Lake Charles La. some 90 miles from here. Until the next time, take care and stay out of heat if you can.

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