Sunday, June 21, 2009

Texarkana Two-Step

I finally have gone and done it folks. Every since we had bought the Rolling Condo and had gone out on a few trips, there was still something missing. I still did not have that real RVer feeling. I figured that it would come with experience and decided not to worry to much about it. We left Lufkin and staggered uphill to Texarkana Texas with one break stop in Carthage TX. I felt so proud to be parking the rig behind the truck stop with the other rigs and did swagger a bit after the break and the purchase of a cool new Aussie style sun shade for my head (made in china).
We arrived in Texarkana and were set up by about 1:30pm and then off to find some lunch and buy the few things that were forgotten (like eggs) back home. We actually brought back to the condo enough leftovers for supper and Peggy was pleased that she didn't have to cook anything, just heat and eat. I actually started giggling just a bit while thinking that this travel business really wasn't that hard for a man with a dream and a truck. As I swaggered around the new looking RV Park admiring the rigs and how dang clean everything was at the Shady Pines RV Park, I actually could not find any dirt on the concrete pads or driveways! Seriously, you could have eaten off of the ground! I opened the basement door to get the cable out to hook up to the free cable at the park and then it hit me. There ain't supposed to be water in here! but there was. So Peggy and I dragged everything out of the basement and stacked it neatly in piles next to the condo and surveyed the situation. A small amount of water was pooling under the basement wall and running across the floor of the basement. I wasn't a big gushing water just a pool, but I mopped it out, climbed in and took a couple of screws out and removed the wall to find a broken fitting in the antifreeze winterizing valve and a leaky hot water heater valve. After mulling it over for a while and going back inside to cool, Peggy got a pan and placed under it so no damage would be done and we checked the manuals with the Condo for answers but got none. Eventually deciding that this was not a huge deal and was not a trip breaker, we packed all the stuff back in and went back inside to the cool. Now I am finally starting to feel like a real RVer!.

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