Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Lawn Furniture

I gotta get my cousin over here to work on the computer (pic above) The desktop has been acting really strange. Peggy tried to print some return shipping labels from two new fold up lawn chairs for the Condo and they just wont print. Maybe I have to stand on one leg while holding an umbrella or something. The printer, an HP Photo printer says its printing and list the jobs to print, but no ink on paper. Dot Matrix from the old days is starting to look good. It never failed until the ink ran out, but it would keep on tryin. I found the chairs on Amazon and they resembled two that we had spotted on Sam Rayburn Lake back in October while we were practicing camping and trying out all the features on the new Condo. One of the new chairs was broken in shipping, the other was okay so I gave it a test sit. Heck, my feet wont reach the ground! gotta send them back. Plus it aint got cup holders, pockets for remote control, Nascar colors, umbrella for my bald head, ash tray, ice cooler,, pocket for snacks and a lot of other needed features. Lawn Chairs have come a long way havent they.

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