Friday, July 3, 2009

Home is Where Stuff Happens

You know, Peggy and I were somewhat worried the whole time we were away from the house. We just knew some disaster would befall us while on the road. No disasters to report on the entire 1500 mile trip, but when we returned home, two disasters arose first thing. The Sat dish blew over in a storm so we started working on that while emptying the Rolling Condo for the trip to the RV Dealer for some warranty work. Nearly finished that project and the washing machine quit, so a trip to Lowe's Home Improvement was in order for Peggy to pick out a new washing machine. I had no idea that this was as time consuming as it turned out to be. She finally make a pick of a white Maytag and it was delivered today, so that disaster is fixed. No rain to speak of here and the grass is crunchy, but some of it needs mowing so that will have to be done soon. The Rolling Condo needs washing also,,but to be honest about it, we just don't have the will to get out in the 100 plus temps here to do it. Also a neighbor passed away and a new cat has decided that we are to be his new parents, so we gotta get some cat food. I cant stand to see anything starve to death. We go back to work on Monday, and that does not make either of us smile. Peggy has already commented that she is ready to roll again,,lol. Someday we will set sail and not have to come back to go to work. I may not post regular unless we have an adventure so until next time. Everyone take care and stay cool if you can.


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