Monday, June 22, 2009

Sun Rises in the East and Cooks My Goose

We have really been educated on this first long trip. I figured the gas mileage wrong. We are actually averaging 12 miles per gallon and I figured we would get 15mpg. It was even worse coming from Hot Springs to W. Memphis. I did not dump the sewer tank because I thought we had not used it much. It doesn't matter how much you use it. Water is heavy. We only avg 9 to 10 on that 278 mile run! I couldn't figure it out until I factored in the gradual climbing terrain for the first part of the 278 and then the water weight. We will see tomorrow if my calculation is right. I will dump everything but the kitchen sink before we roll out in the morning. The other thing that we did not really think about was the heat! It has been in the high 90's the whole trip. By the time we stop to set up, its sweltering inside the fiver and outside. I believe I have lost several pounds due to sweating a gob! We even asked the office for the front row next to the Mississippi River, which has no trees at all. It has been too hot for the one air condition to keep up. Okay, should have went ahead and sprung the second air. If we are gonna travel in hot temps at any point, two big air machines are a must. Sorry I have not posted photos because we brought the wrong camera line attachment for the computer. But I will post them on our return so everyone can see them. Peggy got some great shots of barges hauling everything from coal to grain and gravel, and who knows what else. We just hung out and rested most of the day today to recoup from the long drive yesterday. Of course with the heat, every time we went outside for anything we melted. So the next park we land in will have to have some shade for us to be comfortable. We did go into Memphis this evening and made the rounds of BB Kings club, and ate supper at the world famous Blues Cafe where the ribs have been featured on the Travel Channel and Bobby Flay's program so that would be great right? Well no, I am sorry but the food was not good, the ribs were overcooked and we were both very disappointed. We were going to sit in at BB Kings for awhile but it was standing room only so we checked out a gift shop or two and headed back to the West Memphis side of the river so that we can get an early start tomorrow. We have decided to not go on to Nashville Tn, but start back south toward Natchez Mississippi. We will stop somewhere halfway for a few nights at Lake Chicot, an Arkansas State Park and do some fishing. We were attracted to the Pecan Orchard setting with plenty of shade trees. We may stay a few days there then head on toward Natchez. The thought of heading toward more concrete and heat and tons of tourist just soured us on Nashville. We really don't want to make this a work vacation and it was turning into one fast with the long, hot drives, and hot set ups. The water leak situation has stabilized somewhat and we think we can go on unless major leaks surface. Peggy did check the sink drains when we arrived and tightened all of them that were loose to the point of leaking. That rough interstate bronc ride really rattled the stuff in the condo.

Everyone Take Care and Be Safe.


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