Saturday, June 27, 2009

Two Poche's or not Two Poche's

Hello Everybody, We are now set up at Poche's RV Park and Fish-n-Camp near Breaux Bridge Louisiana. We left out early this morning from the River View Park in Vidalia with no problems at all. Stopped for fuel and breakfast at a big travel center on US 61 S. then headed south thru St. Francisville. A lot of road construction thru the area and Peggy was steadily pointing out the plantation signs that abound on this road. Even old Jeff Davis homeplace was noted but we did not stop at any of them because I was having trouble just staying between the lines and going over the bumps in the road. The highway dept was kind enough to post a bump sign just before we hit them. Some were small and some jarred a filling or two loose. There was a big difference between the Mississippi highways and the La. highways. Very obvious when we crossed the state line. All went well until we got to Baton Rouge La. and started trying to decide whether to go East or West on I-10. I actually stayed on hwy 61 and we new right away that I had guessed wrong when the nice lady on the GPS told us that she was recalculating. I hate it when she says that. We finally got back on I-10 after touring a small very poor neighborhood who probably have never seen a 34 foot fifth wheel come thru the hood. After leaving Baton Rouge headed West, I thought we were goin the wrong way so after 12 miles managed to exit and start back thru Baton Rouge again. You see I made a big mistake calculating the trip. I printed directions from Vidalia La. to Poches RV Park and Fish n camp, but then went back and looked again because I didnt not want to drive that 118 miles at 40 mph on the back roads of La. When I looked again at the Trailer Life map on the computer I saw a "better way" and wrote those directions down. The girl who took my reservation did not give me the address for the GPS because she said it did not lead one to the park and sent people in the wrong direction off the interstate, so I didnt program their address,,,,sooooooooo, when I glanced back at the map and wrote the directions down, I wrote the directions for Poche's Plantation RV Park. Which we found after traveling some 80 miles toward New Orleans only to find that it was the wrong park!!! So back we go to Baton Rouge again and cross the Mississippi bridge and finally start in the right direction. I knew I had messed up when I flagged down a cop in the Poche's Plantation RV Park and asked him about the fish n camp. He looked at me like I was crazy and told me that there were no fishing areas anywhere near this park. The Chief Navigator called and got it all straight as I pulled away and ran over some decorative bricks at the corner of the place because all of the RV in this park are small! I was steamed at myself but just kept plugging along and we finally made it to the right Poche's park by about 3:30. an extra 100 miles or so and now give out and ready to rest. More tomorrow when I have more energy. Perhaps I will let the Navigator plan the next leg of the trip. We are having some mechanical issues with the truck. Wet glove box from either air condition freezing up or a heater core leak. The leak in the 5th wheel is getting worse but we havent give up yet, even with the 100 degree weather.


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