Sunday, January 30, 2011

Old Year-New Year

 Here I sit at the house watching it rain, and rain, and rain. The neighbor is probably gonna start griping about the Big Horn parked in the way, blocking any sunlight from coming thru. I am glad that I put those extended gutters on the Rolling Condo. Notice the nice stream shooting off the back end of the trailer. I was tired of watching it rain, and decided to finally write a blog from the big End of Year- Start of Year campout. We have never camped in December, and when a friend of mine suggested we all go on a New Years Eve campout, I was gung ho. Five couples and trailers descended on South Toledo Bend State Park for a few days. I really thought the place would be empty, but suprisingly there were about 70 percent full.
 After getting set up, we joined the few brave souls by the fire. The wind was whistling and it was cold but everyone brought firewood and believe me, the fire was tended on a regular basis. It rained off and on the whole time we were there and between showers, we would gather at the fire, or get some food cooking. New Years Eve, we saw lots of fireworks across the lake in the little towns and subdivisions.

 Peggy and I took a nature walk, and took some photos of the lake and a bridge across the water on a hiking trail. The wind picked up a bunch as we got out in the open and it didnt take long for us to retreat to the underside of the hill out of the wind.
 This Louisiana State Park has a great visitors center with all kinds of interpretive exhibits for kids on all of the local wildlife and fish. I tried my best to get the photo of the resident eagle that nest near the lake, but they would not cooperate with me.

 You will notice my Satellite dish set up near the shore. The trees blocked the signal at my trailer but one of our group ran and got his 200 ft extension chord reel, filled with Satellite Cable, and ran to the shore line so that we could get a signal! Now thats some good campground buddy! I will soon have one of my own.
 This camground was very clean and well taken care of. I can vouch for the 50 amp hookup and very good Wifi service. Water hookups but no sewer at each site, and a good dump station on the way out of the park.
All to soon, it was time to pour myself out and start hitching up to go home and back to work. So we sang out the old year and rang in the new year, all in one weekend.