Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anniversary/Valentines Day

Today, Peggy and I had to play some catch up. This past week, we celebrated our Anniversary on the 9th, but had too many things going on, so we decided to postpone our celebration until today. Usually we scurry aound trying to fit something together and usually we are tired and cranky by the time dinner rolls around. This year we decided to adapt our Anniversary to our new lifestyle that we are working towards. What difference does it matter what day we decide to stop and smell the roses! As long as we can still smell! So this morning we set out to run some errands and for lunch we went to Ralph and Coocos for our official Anniversary! We also stopped at Cavanaughs Jewelry so Peggy could pick out her Gold Dipped Rose. Being the romantic fool I am, I bought one for our first anniversary and of course it was as big hit with Peggy and now its a tradition! Why couldnt I stop at a romantic Hot Dog Stand or something. A scenic overlook. Anything but gold dipped roses! I pick about it, but she is worth it and it makes it easy for me to get an Anniversary gift. Its all good.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

As promised, I have taken some pics to prove that we just have to get out when it snows, no matter how much and take photos to save forever. I cant even remember when we had a snow that actually stuck to the ground over nite. Probably 20 years or so. This church, just up the road from our place is Ryan Chapel Methodist Church which has been at this location for over a hundred years I believe. So there was not much to it after all the hype from the weather man. By tomorrow, the temps will rise and all the ice and snow will be gone. Suits me because I am ready to get the RV ready to roll. The only thing that disrupted my usual activities was that the Sat dish quit working for about thirty minutes. Snow will accumilate and block the signal. I had decided to go out and knock the snow off, but by the time I got dressed and ready to get it done, it melted and the TV came back on. These photos were taken with my new iphone. I am just learning all of the things it can do and decided to practice this morning with taking photos out of the truck window. You do have to hold your hand steady to keep the photos in focus. As you can tell by the photo of the RV. It is sad! It wants to go and does not like the ice on it. Everyone take care, warm weather is on the way.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waiting on Snow in East Texas

Historically we don't get snow in East Texas, period. It just does not happen, except every five to ten years we get a sprinkle that last till the sun rises the next morning, then it's over. As a result, we don't stock snow shovels, snow blowers, heavy insulated snow boots, snow skis, sleds, sled dogs, snow plows and any other snow removal equipment. So we whine when we hear that we are in for a 2 to 5 inch snowfall. For me it does not matter. I will muddle my way to work somehow with as much warm clothes as I have, hunt my gloves up from the top of the closet of never used items, and may even wear some heavy socks and a hat of some sort. That's it for the preperation for our once every five years expected snowfall. I have to grin when I see the long lines at the supermarket, with shoppers making a run on bread, milk, batteries and junk food. Buggies stacked deep just in case we lose power for a week or two. I choose not to panic and only buy what we usually buy. I keep some batteries around in case of power outages and the generator in the storage building can be dragged out in a flash if needed. I keep the computer battery charged up along with the cell phones and make sure the truck is fueled. Other than these basics, let it snow! Some Facebook friends have been posting photos from the Northern part of Texas where it started snowing last nite and all day. Indulge us this lunacy. Dont make fun if you live where the average snowfall is 50 feet or so. We just dont get to suffer like that regularly except in summer time. If there is snow on the ground in the morning, stay tuned. I will post a photo as soon as possible, if I can shovel my way out of the front door!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spring is on the Way

I have not posted in many weeks! Shocking, but laziness sets in at this time of the year with the dreary, rainy, cold, damp,,and all the other adjectives to describe the winters in East Texas. Surely as the sun is shining today, spring will arrive soon and thats gets me to thinking about trips that need taking. We have already made reservations in Rockport Tx in March, to meet some of the RV-Dreamers that we chat with nearly every day. We had passed thru Rockport a few years ago and Peggy and I both really liked the area and vowed to come back when we could spend a few days. I also have made reservations for the Heartland rally in April that will be held in Spring Tx. Took some shuffling of my schedules and promising a co-worker to help him out if he needed to swap "on call" status later in the year but got the dates I needed to be off. Hitch itch really has started in on me when the sun pops out and I am ready to get on the road. Its a shame that my "W" life is interfering with my RVing, but it is. Today Peggy and I have gone to my mothers house, who is recovering from knee replacement surgery , to give my sister a break to go plant some trees. Arbor day was this week and the local America Beautiful Clean folks gave away thousands of hard wood seedlings. My sister is loves to get free stuff and has a sack full of seedlings to plant. I suspect after setting out 20 or so seedlings, she will not be as keen on it. I did tell her to plant any she would like on my land that ajoins hers. I have always loved hard woods and if I never saw another pine tree it would not hurt my feelings. My part of the property is an old hay meadow and is mostly open except for the volunteer pines that sprout up and the sweet gum trees. Before we hitch up and go Rving, I do need to hook the water up to my RV and check all systems. We did have several days of below freezing weather this year and made it down into the teens a few times, so I need to know that all fittings and pipes are good to go. I also have a modification planned that will require me to remove my screen door and take it to a glass shop and have a plexiglas piece cut to cover the screen. We saw that modification on a lot of RVs last year, which allows you to keep your big door open most of the time and not worry about losing your cool air viewpoint. If I can get these things and a few others done this month, we should be ready to roll soon. I have taken no pics of anything this winter so I have none to post. Until next time, everyone travel safely and have some fun.