Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stump the Toe

We have not done anything exciting since returning from the road trip, but we did take the Condo to Baileys RV Center for some small needed warranty work. While we were there we talked about getting an additional A/C unit for our RV. On talking with Steve and getting the price, we decided to go ahead and add the 2nd unit now so we can continue to wander around East Tx even during the dog days of summer. In the meantime, I had a training school to attend in Baytown Tx for three days, getting the latest on Digital Photography of crime scenes and such. I did learn a lot about techniques to use with the digital camera. I did however manage to break my big toe before leaving town and I taped it to the next toe and continued on. No broken toe is gonna keep me from learning something and taking a road trip. By the second day, I could not put on my shoe and was wearing house slippers nearly everywhere. A large sore had formed on top of the toe and it was getting more difficult to get around. So after a small operation Thurs nite, I thought it would be better. By the time we got home on Friday evening it was screaming at me and Peggy did another procedure on it. I did manage to fall on my rear end at the training, trying to be careful with the foot and toe, then tripping on a table leg. I felt like I had been in a bar fight and lost!! We brought the condo home and managed to get it backed into place and setup. Now I can get everything loaded back inside and prepare for quick getaways! Everyone stay safe.


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