Monday, March 1, 2010

March Roaring in Like A Lion

Here we are five days before The Rolling Condo sets out on the first trip of the year. Peggy and I spent Sunday evening checking systems on the fiver. First I had taken the one nearly empty propane bottle to have it filled on Saturday. The first time I have had a bottle filled since we bought the Bighorn in October 2008. Turns out those RV bottles are pretty dang heavy. I did not think so when I loaded it empty. When I jerked it up off the ground one handed after the tank was filled, I felt it all the way from my toes up to my puny arthritic shoulders. I had to get the other hand involved and wallow it up my belly to the back of the truck! Glad no one saw this except the propane guy, Peggy and at least a hundred motorist driving down U.S. 59! By the time I unloaded it and wallowed it into the storage area, I was winded. I hooked it back up and told Peggy that we needed to bleed the air out of the lines on Sunday, after I had rested. We spent Sunday hooking up and pressurizing the water system, just in case the winter freeze caused a water line to bust. Everything okay on that end. The slides were put out and shelves restocked and for the last thing, I again mentioned that we needed to make sure the air in the gas lines was gone. Good thing we did, because it took about thirty minutes to get all the air out of the lines. Starting with the top burners, then working our way to the oven and finally the water heater, all is working as it should. We also checked all the floors around the slides and windows for any wet carpet. Peggy even checked in the front closet for wet carpet or any signs of water coming in. All is good so we can check the air in the tires on the Condo and the truck, air as needed and be ready to roll. Now if we could get the weather to cooperate, it would be grand! March 1, and when I woke up this morning, the rain was beating the roof. It rained pretty much all day and was raining as I started home. Peggy suggested that bad weather is forecast for our trip, but since we dont have to stay in tents, let it rain. The below photo was taken by my daughter Megan during the big snowfall. She can take better pics through her windsheild driving down the road, than I can with a tripod and a pretty day. Some people got it and some don't. This will be the last word on winter at our house. Only blue skies and warm temps will get my camera out of the box. Everyone take care until next time.


  1. Remembering last summer, as much as I am hesitant to say it...I am ready for warmer weather! Hope you both have a safe and wonderful trip!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you both.. Lets hope for warm weather. Windy here tonight..

  3. Great Winter pic there Charlie~! I like your blog post with all the details to go through in getting your rig ready to roll. Hope you didn't strain anything with hauling that propane tank... OUCH!

    Karen and Steve