Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Day At The Office! No Really!

Someone sent an email awhile back and ask me "just what the hell do you do everyday" So, on the way to work this morning I thought I would use my Iphone to make a few picks with some information. Plus it was so damn pretty, that I just wanted to stay outside. I found every excuse today to walk over to the other buildings, judges offices, the jail. the parking lot. But I got tired of taking pictures and just quit on that front. This first pick is the back parking lot of the Sheriffs Dept, notice how the parking lot is nearly empty. I get in early on purpose, in order to scan the newspaper, grab a bite of something and get my caffiene level balanced!

The new keypad installed last month keeps out only the persons with the secret code! Sometimes I forget the secret code and bang on the door until someone comes and opens it laughing. I also forget to hit the open door button on the inside wall before trying bust out the door (it will not budge) I have not broke anything, but have managed to bang my laptop up and stub my toe a couple of times.

On getting into the back door, I aways check my inbox to see if someone has assigned me a new case over night. Dang! sure enough I Have Mail! I wish sometimes that I could do like Fred Sanford of the old TV show Sanford and Sons. He would just put bills back in the box and forget about them. But here, If you dont pick up mail,,,someone higher up the chain with rank will deliver it personally! (you dont want personal delivery)

After stopping for mail and stopping to put a pot of fresh coffee on in the break area, its on to my on little office to start the day. The offices are set up in a big square, with supervisors on the outer ring (with windows) and the rest of us set up all down the hallways of the big square. We have rooms set aside for supplies, video equipment, interview, evidence and even a weight room that some of the folks actually do on their lunch hour!

As you can tell if you click on the pics, I have a Nautical scene working in my office! I have had criminals as well as victims look at that picture and tell me that they wish they were there! Yeah me too!

I promise, I am not asleep in this pic of me on the phone. Despite what some folks think about all that excitement, well most of it is phone work, paperwork, drudge and a very little bit of satisfaction when you can put the bad guy away and help the suffering of their victims. It is a great day if the help is more than the drudge! Sometimes thats the best you get. At the end of a 10 hour shift, I always stop by the door to say goodbye to George, the Pelican. He never complains and gives everyone something to think about while they are in my office telling me the horrible things that those they love have done to them, their children, their family. I try to stay clear of getting emotionally involved, but dang! sometimes it is very hard to do. Thanks for coming by. Be Safe

Good Nite George, keep a close eye out on the boats!


  1. Hey Charlie.. thanks for a glimpse into your day! And I think George the pelican is the best. What a cool dude.

    Karen and Steve

  2. Nice tour Charlie.. See you soon!!