Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waiting on Snow in East Texas

Historically we don't get snow in East Texas, period. It just does not happen, except every five to ten years we get a sprinkle that last till the sun rises the next morning, then it's over. As a result, we don't stock snow shovels, snow blowers, heavy insulated snow boots, snow skis, sleds, sled dogs, snow plows and any other snow removal equipment. So we whine when we hear that we are in for a 2 to 5 inch snowfall. For me it does not matter. I will muddle my way to work somehow with as much warm clothes as I have, hunt my gloves up from the top of the closet of never used items, and may even wear some heavy socks and a hat of some sort. That's it for the preperation for our once every five years expected snowfall. I have to grin when I see the long lines at the supermarket, with shoppers making a run on bread, milk, batteries and junk food. Buggies stacked deep just in case we lose power for a week or two. I choose not to panic and only buy what we usually buy. I keep some batteries around in case of power outages and the generator in the storage building can be dragged out in a flash if needed. I keep the computer battery charged up along with the cell phones and make sure the truck is fueled. Other than these basics, let it snow! Some Facebook friends have been posting photos from the Northern part of Texas where it started snowing last nite and all day. Indulge us this lunacy. Dont make fun if you live where the average snowfall is 50 feet or so. We just dont get to suffer like that regularly except in summer time. If there is snow on the ground in the morning, stay tuned. I will post a photo as soon as possible, if I can shovel my way out of the front door!

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