Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

As promised, I have taken some pics to prove that we just have to get out when it snows, no matter how much and take photos to save forever. I cant even remember when we had a snow that actually stuck to the ground over nite. Probably 20 years or so. This church, just up the road from our place is Ryan Chapel Methodist Church which has been at this location for over a hundred years I believe. So there was not much to it after all the hype from the weather man. By tomorrow, the temps will rise and all the ice and snow will be gone. Suits me because I am ready to get the RV ready to roll. The only thing that disrupted my usual activities was that the Sat dish quit working for about thirty minutes. Snow will accumilate and block the signal. I had decided to go out and knock the snow off, but by the time I got dressed and ready to get it done, it melted and the TV came back on. These photos were taken with my new iphone. I am just learning all of the things it can do and decided to practice this morning with taking photos out of the truck window. You do have to hold your hand steady to keep the photos in focus. As you can tell by the photo of the RV. It is sad! It wants to go and does not like the ice on it. Everyone take care, warm weather is on the way.
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