Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mud Flaps and Cleaning

So yesterday the new mudflaps came in and Peggy and I put them on the truck. Since we have had so much rain, everything is muddy and nasty but it had to be done. I posted the pic of the flap and the clean RollingCondo so everyone could see the genuine Duraflap brand made in Grants Pass, Oregon. Of course I wanted the naked lady design common on 18 wheel trucks, but for some reason, Peggy said "not". I did manage to look a little East Tx redneck with the Tx logo and the Ram design! It fits right in with the Bighorn RV and advertise our state a little (like no one would know where we were from by hearing us talk and spotting the license plate! Taking photos of a metal shiny mud flap is harder than it looks. I am gonna post those pics below, showing my earlier attempts!!

Posted by PicasaSee, this photo taking thing is harder than it looks! The reflection from the trees across the road give a camoflage effect. My reflection in my PJ's, white T and Bald Head, really set it off !
I should quit while I am ahead I think. and go back to watching the Cowboys play football.

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  1. The Cowboys play football? Well, maybe today as they just beat KC. That's a pretty good shot of you in the mudflaps, Charlie, you might want to patent that right away as it could give the 'naked lady' a run for her money, I think. Sorry I missed your IM on chat the other night - I didn't see it until after I had left. I kinda had my hands full - lol!